Is 100% Vegan Possible?

Veganism is here to stay, whether you like it or not. It is growing in popularity and influence on a daily basis. Consequently, it’s natural for the anti-vegan brigade to find a louder and more extreme voice. They will challenge us with loaded questions like, “is 100% vegan possible?” … Well, is it?


Is 100% Vegan Possible?

 Yes, 100 percent vegan is definitely possible. There are no levels of veganism. You are either vegan or you’re not. It’s that simple. If you decide it’s ok to eat a bacon sandwich once a week then you are not vegan. It’s all about doing your best, for the animals. 


Watch: Earthling Ed tells it like it is (as usual) …

(a very quick and to the point explanation here from Ed)


I do find it mildly amusing and also a bit depressing that there are so many people out there who hate vegans with a deep, burning passion.

Gospel singers in a church. Yes, there are the vocal vegans who say things others don’t like to hear. The truth hurts.

We have to challenge the ‘norm’ that, every year, sees 80 billion intelligent land animals slaughtered for food. Hard to imagine.

That’s over 9 million souls lost every hour of every day!

The Nazi holocaust was responsible for 6 million deaths over 4 years. It’s safe to say we are truly in the midst of an animal holocaust on a scale which dwarfs the Nazi war machine.

But the food we eat is a very emotive subject and free-thinking humans tend to get offended by those who suggest we should change our ways.

… and so any argument which can be found to potentially discredit veganism will be taken up with gusto by the vegan-bashers.


Vegans Are Hypocritical Because? … uh, reasons

The 100% vegan argument raises its ugly head periodically if you’re engaged in the same social media circles as I find myself in most days!

Bored boy sitting cross legged on the sofa, yawning. You’ll often find some anti-vegan who’s a relatively new kid on the block think they’ve come up with the ultimate argument against veganism.

They’re usually blissfully unaware that the vegan community has heard all these claims before.

It goes something like this …

“You can’t avoid animal deaths in your daily life so you cannot be 100% vegan and you are a hypocritical, malnourished halfwit because of that.”

… and yes it’s true that we cannot avoid all animal deaths as we go about our business, day to day. Everything we do and everything we consume has an effect on the world around us.

Does that mean vegans are hypocritical? No it certainly doesn’t.


Veganism Isn’t 100% Black & White

The whole point of following a vegan way of life is to minimise the abuse and suffering of the farmed animals we raise for food.

Aerial view of Yin Yang beach artwork. There are almost no vegans on this beautiful planet of ours who have been vegan since the day they were born. 99.9% of people come to it after witnessing the horrors of the animal agriculture industry.

When you see the petrified look in the eyes of a cow who’s about to be ‘processed’ at the slaughterhouse, it touches you deeply and you feel you have to make a stand.

Or when you witness the trauma of a calf being separated from mum because humans want to drink the milk, you feel taking no action is simply not an option.

So vegans do not buy meat or dairy products because this simple act ensures our hard-earned cash does not support the barbarism we know exists.

But don’t worry … we’re fully aware this course of action does not eliminate animal deaths, for some of which, we are directly responsible.

We live in a world of interconnectedness. My vegan tofu arrives on the same boat as your beef liver jerky. Both of us bear some responsibility for the death of that seagull which flew into the funnel by accident.

Why focus on that?

None of us can stop these accidental deaths but that doesn’t mean I’m not 100% vegan.


Addressing The ‘Crop Deaths’ Argument (if we must!)

A very convincing accusation from the rabid anti-vegan mob explains why veganism is bad for animals – and it seems plausible, on the face of it.

Close up of wheat growing in the fields. For vegans to survive we need to grow crops of vegetables and other plants. These crops are usually harvested using big machines like combine harvesters.

So there is the inevitable collateral damage where small mammals and invertebrates get caught up in the machinery. This does happen … but likely not to the degree some disingenuous bad actors might have you believe.

Apart from the fact that field animals are not stupid and will get out of the way of danger using their acute sense of hearing, the naysayers conveniently overlook the reality that 75 – 80% of arable crops are used to feed animals.

The cold, hard truth is it’s the meat eaters who are driving most of these crop deaths anyway.

But the argument is framed in such a way as to cast the vegans in a hypocritical light because we can’t be 100% vegan.

Anything to deflect attention away from the horror their lifestyle is responsible for. Not to mention the vast sums of money involved!


Go Vegan Because It’s The Least You Can Do

People think veganism is extreme.

Close up of an Aberdeen Angus cow looking directly at the camera. What’s extreme is brutally killing over 9 million sentient creatures every single hour of every single day … 365 days a year.

Yeah … veganism is so extreme!

Just to be clear: I am 100% vegan because I do my very best to eliminate meat, dairy and animal products from my life. My money does not support what is possibly the most gruesome trade humans are engaged in.

You can be 100% vegan too … you just need to do your best.

It’s the least you can do, let’s face it.


Please share this article if it has helped you to see the issue more clearly and understand that veganism is not about perfection. If you have a question please pop it in the comments below and I’ll definitely respond.

Thanks for reading and have a compassionate day!




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