This week: Why do so many people quit veganism? Plus: the worrying rapid ocean warming and insects in your dog food?

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It’s that time again already! I honestly have no idea where the days go …

The vegan web has been buzzing yet again and this week we bring you stories of vegan injury claims litigation, rapidly warming oceans and … bugs in pet food 🙂

This plus the rest of the week’s news round up … enjoy!

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This Week’s Top Story

Why do so many vegans just quit?

Y’know, it’s a sad fact that even now, in this time when the general awareness of how humans treat our animal friends is at an all-time high, the percentage of vegans on the planet remains largely unchanged.

Last time I checked, around 3% of the human population identified as vegan.

According to Statista, this may have improved slightly … but the fact remains that over 90% of the human race has no problem with the exploitation of animals on a truly terrifying scale!

Either that or they’re simply ignorant to what goes on in the animal ag industry …

A sad looking pig in a factory farm crate.

So there seems to be a contradiction here because we’re told more and more people are going vegan and this is supported by wildly successful campaigns like Veganuary every year.

We can only conclude that the attrition rate must be high and this is something I find puzzling. So why do people give up veganism?

The three biggest reasons people cite for quitting veganism are: health concerns, social pressures and cravings for non-vegan products.

Bearing this in mind, I ask you one question …

Scrabble letters spelling out the word 'vegan'.

Why did you go vegan?

For me, the reasons are 100% ethical and in reality, this should be the only reason anyone goes vegan. If you claim to be vegan for health reasons then you’re plant-based. If you claim to be vegan due to environmental concerns then you’re plant-based.

There’s nothing wrong with that and I’m all for more people moving away from consuming animal products. But if your motivation is anything other than concerns over animal rights then you don’t get to call yourself vegan … sorry but that’s just the way it is.

So maybe this large attrition rate is partly due to the conflation of plant-based and vegan – something I’ve written about previously in this newsletter.

In my mind, the way we treat our ‘food’ animals is utterly abhorrent and genuine health issues notwithstanding, there’s zero reasons to quit veganism because your ethical code dictates your actions.

I do understand the ‘social pressures’ thing and that is real … but just put yourself in the animal’s shoes for a moment and your social anxiety pales into insignificance.

As for the ‘missing the taste’ reason … well, no comment.

(By the way … those who have genuine health issues with a vegan diet are a vanishingly small cohort)

So have all the ex-vegans abandoned their ethical code? Or maybe their ethical code was not really up to the job in the first place …

I’d love to know what you think. Let me know …

Thank you for reading 🙂

Have a great week from all at Vegan Slate …

– Rohan McAvee

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Around The Vegan Web This Week Ending 9th June 24

Oceans Under Siege: New Study Highlights Triple Whammy

The world’s oceans are facing a dire “triple threat” of extreme heat, oxygen loss, and acidification, exacerbated by climate change. A new study reveals that these conditions are becoming increasingly intense, affecting up to 20% of the global ocean surface. Joel Wong from ETH Zurich warns, “Intense extreme events like these will disrupt marine ecosystems and fisheries around the world.” This phenomenon is forcing marine species to relocate or face extinction, similar to past mass extinction events. Andrea Dutton, a climate scientist, underscores the urgency: “Oceans have been buffering us from the heat, but this hasn’t been without consequence.”

Urgently moving to a plant-based lifestyle is essential to reduce fossil fuel consumption, thereby mitigating some of these climate impacts.

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EU’s Bold Moves for a Greener Food Future …

The European Commission is championing sustainable food policies with the ‘Farm to Fork’ strategy, aiming to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve plant health protection. Commissioner Stella Kyriakides stresses, “Fighting food waste is a triple win,” highlighting its benefits for food security, economy, and environment. The initiative also promotes plant-based diets to tackle excessive sugar, salt, and fat intake. By transforming food production and consumption, the EU is paving the way for a healthier, more sustainable future.

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Manchester’s Veggie Mile: a Plant Based Haven in Withington …

South Manchester’s Withington is making waves with its burgeoning “Veggie Mile,” a haven for plant-based food enthusiasts. Echoing the famous Curry Mile, this area is now a hotspot for vegetarian and vegan eateries. Leah Newton, co-owner of Ice Shack, humorously noted, “You’ve heard of the Curry Mile – this is the Veggie Mile.” With a variety of innovative spots like Ice Shack and Herbivorous, Withington is becoming a must-visit for those seeking delicious plant-based options. Happily, local business owners are collaborating to host monthly vegan markets, showcasing a diverse array of plant-based products and fostering a vibrant community atmosphere. This local trend underscores the broader shift towards plant-based futures.

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Beyond Leather Materials and Veshin’s Eco-Revolution

Beyond Leather Materials teams up with Veshin Factory to transform apple waste into sustainable leather alternatives. This innovative partnership leverages Leap, an 89% bio-based material, to create eco-friendly products for fashion, home, and furniture markets. Mikael Eydt, CEO of Beyond Leather, highlights, “Their dedication to sustainable design…aligns perfectly with our mission.” This collaboration will challenge traditional leather production and also promote a plant-based lifestyle, showcasing the vast potential of vegan materials.

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Start The Day Like a Champion with Peter Crouch and Alpro

Peter Crouch reveals his morning routine in Alpro’s new campaign for their Plant Protein range. The initiative highlights the importance of a nutritious breakfast, aiming to make plant protein more accessible. According to Alpro, 95% of Brits recognize protein’s importance, yet many struggle to incorporate it into their mornings. Crouch tests extreme celebrity routines, proving that starting the day right is within reach for everyone. As nutritionist Jenna Hope notes, “Incorporating a source of protein into your breakfast each morning is ideal for helping you hit your daily requirements.” This campaign underscores the ease of integrating plant-based proteins into a balanced breakfast, promoting a healthier start to the day.

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“Injured by a Vegan?” Campaign Wins with Hilarious Parody …

The “Injured by a Vegan?” campaign, launched by Eat Differently, uses humor to promote plant-based living by mimicking personal injury attorney ads. Featuring the fictional “Loudermilk & Associates” law firm, it pokes fun at common stereotypes about vegans while educating the public on the benefits of a plant-based diet. “If you’ve ever been made to feel uncomfortable by a vegan about that triple bacon cheeseburger… then you’ve come to the right place!” quips the campaign. This clever approach not only entertains but also encourages a healthier lifestyle shift towards plant-based eating. Although it’s bound to upset some anti-vegan meatflakes who get tricked into visiting.

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