Has the UPF label been cannibalised by big-ag? Plus boosting brain power with plants and hold the front page! Nutella goes vegan :-)

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Hello Fellow Space Traveller,

After an unseasonably cold week here in the land of luxury, the sun is gracing us with its presence here today. Unlike the weather, the vegan news matrix has been hot again this week 🙂

The last 7 days has brought us stories of how UPF has become synonymous with the diets of vegans along with the brain-boosting effects of plant-based ingredients and the most important story of all … Nutella goes vegan 🙂

Along with the rest of the week’s vegan round up … enjoy!

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This Week’s Top Story

How the UPF label has been cannibalised by the big meat & dairy industry

Vegan trailblazer, Klaus Mitchell, the founder of Plant Based News took part in a debate this week on BBC Radio 4’s Anti Social podcast.

The show explored plant-based institutions and ultra processed food (UPF) and Mitchell was up against popular restaurant critic, William Sitwell who writes for the Telegraph here in the UK.

As a quick aside, at the very start of the programme we hear the voice of Gareth Wyn Jones, the well-known Welsh hill farmer who likes to campaign against veganism … and I quote:

“When you’re taking away other people’s choices then you are crossing the line.”

Oh really Gareth?

Mr Jones has inadvertently hit upon the core message of veganism with this almost throwaway quote. You only need to remove the word ‘people’ from the sentence and you have the reason all ‘ethical’ vegans choose the lifestyle we do.

I’ll spell it out for you Gareth: by eating meat and drinking milk you are directly responsible for taking away other’s (animals) choices and so consuming meat and dairy is crossing the line.

Anyway … on with the article …

UPF has almost become synonymous with the vegan diet as we see more and more alternatives hitting the shelves in response to skyrocketing demand.

… and yes, it’s true a lot of the vegan meat replacement products are heavily processed. Often loaded up with salt and fat. But once again we see an overarching conflation of vegan diets and the ‘evils’ of UPF.

In fact, sadly enough, in Adam Flemming’s Anti Social podcast this week there was endless conflation of veganism with plant-based. Something I addressed again in last week’s newsletter.

There is more and more research being published now that highlights the need to be much more discerning when it comes to the UPF food category.

Just because something is classified as UPF it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s inherently bad for you. I mean, that loaf of bread you bought from the supermarket the other day? That’s UPF.

But we don’t see Gareth and his rabid social media mob going after bread eaters do we?

A small white baguette, sliced.

The point I’m getting to here is that big ag have cottoned on to this conflation and the cogs of the misinformation machine are quickly turning, intent on polluting the discourse – much like their industry pollutes our watercourses … see what I did there 🙂

I don’t have the room here to go into detail but if you’re on Twitter have a look at Anna Borek’s account and her excellent website. She has a very balanced approach to the whole debate.

In the BBC Radio 4 debate this week Mitchell responded to the claim that vegan meat replacements are all unhealthy UPF with spme cold, hard facts about the ultra-processed nature of most meat products.

Furthermore, he went on to highlight that:

“red and processed meats are classified by the World Health Organization as group two and one carcinogens respectively”.

As always, the reality is much more nuanced than the powers that be like to make out.

If you want to learn more about the subject, have a look at the write up in Plant Based News this week and here’s the Radio 4 debate … I suggest ignoring the nonsense from Gareth Wyn Jones. Lol.

What do you think? Let me know …

Thank you for reading 🙂

Have a great week from all at Vegan Slate …

– Rohan McAvee

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Boost Your Brain: New Plant-Based Pill Enhances Memory

“I can now remember where I leave my wallet and keys” said Rudi Neidhardt, a trial participant of a new plant-based supplement, GBL-Memory. Set to hit the UK market soon, it boasts a 10% improvement in memory function. Developed by Green Bioactives, this pill combines L-theanine and Fructooligosaccharides (FOS) from everyday foods like garlic and bananas. Clinical trials involving 120 participants showed promising results, with significant memory improvements. Dr. Richard Stratton noted, “This paper showing improvement in animal and human memory is very encouraging.” … Yet another innovation that underscores the cognitive benefits of plant-based living, offering a natural boost for brain health.

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A-List Star Line-Up Announced for Vegan Camp Out 2024

Chris Packham, Kate Nash, and comedian Lee Mack are among the big names headlining Vegan Camp Out 2024, set for July 26-29 at Bicester Heritage, Oxfordshire. Celebrating its eighth year, this popular UK festival promises a blend of talks, live music, and an array of plant-based food options. Naturalist Chris Packham returns, joining vegan educator Earthling Ed and comedian Simon Amstell. New additions include Dr. Michael Greger, renowned for his plant-based health advocacy, and singer-songwriter Kate Nash, who has been vocal about the ethical and environmental benefits of veganism since 2017. It’s going to be big!

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Brexit benefits: illegal & diseased meat in your take-away …

Criminal gangs are cunningly using English-registered coaches and vans to sneak illegal meat into the UK, targeting unsuspecting consumers. According to industry insiders, these smugglers sell large quantities of potentially diseased meat to fast-food outlets, pubs, and unscrupulous manufacturers. Tony Goodger of the Association of Independent Meat Suppliers said “Criminals are finding novel ways to smuggle meat into this country.” Of course, adopting a plant-based diet can mitigate such risks by reducing dependency on meat supplies vulnerable to criminal exploitation. Over 90t of illegal meat has been seized in 18 months and this is just “the tip of the iceberg” health chiefs warn.

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Innovation: 100% Plant-Derived Dimethicone for Cosmetics!

SEIWA KASEI has launched Vistanol™ GDHR-Pure, a groundbreaking 100% plant-derived oil that serves as an alternative to dimethicone and lanolin. This innovative ingredient boasts a dimethicone-like texture and lanolin-like glossiness, making it perfect for various cosmetic applications, from skincare to haircare. It’s a direct response to changing market trends. For those committed to veganism and plant-based living, this is a significant step forward in sustainable and cruelty-free beauty products. It’s visionary science like this that will help propel the human race to the next stage of evolution.
Note: the source below is somewhat lost in translation I think!

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Moka Celebrates Three Years of Delicious Success!

Moka, the locally loved Ardrossan café, is celebrating its third anniversary. Known for its vibrant atmosphere, plant-filled décor, and an extensive menu of plant-based and vegetarian delights, Moka has become a community favorite. Owner Sarah Thompson said, “Our journey has been incredible, thanks to our wonderful customers and dedicated team.”

The café’s success is a testament to the growing popularity of plant-based living. From savory vegan sausages to mouth-watering cakes, Moka offers something for everyone, making it a perfect spot for those exploring veganism. Their commitment to quality and friendly service has earned rave reviews, with patrons praising the café’s creativity … if you’re in the area, definitely check out this little gem.

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All hail the hemp: alt-protein market set to soar through 2029

The global hemp protein market is on the brink of major growth, expected to expand from USD 527 million in 2023 to a whopping USD 1,121 million by 2028. This surge is driven by increasing demand for plant-based protein in food and beverages, propelled by health-conscious consumers. As one report states, “Hemp protein’s popularity is skyrocketing due to its complete amino acid profile and high digestibility.”

As veganism gains more and more traction, the rise in hemp protein underscores the shift towards sustainable, plant-based diets, benefiting our health, the environment and the animals.

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