7-Day Vegan Meal Plan PDF

Cooking delicious vegan food for yourself and your family doesn’t need to be complicated. Veggies taste great! But if you need help with transitioning to a plant based diet or you just need some inspiration, this 7-day vegan meal plan PDF is packed with ideas!

7-Day Vegan Meal Plan PDF For Free

 I’ve spent time reviewing this awesome free PDF and tried all the recipes. It’s really high quality content for a free download. I think my favourites are the Buddha Bowl and the Powerhouse Bowl but they’re all delicious! I highly recommend you download yourself a copy 🙂 


7 day vegan meal plan PDF (mushroom reaching out from the soil)

With plant based eating and veganism mushrooming in popularity (no pun intended!) more and more of us are looking for tasty ideas to create healthy and nutritious meals for ourselves and our families.

Even if you love cooking it can sometimes be a bit of a struggle coming up with something new or interesting every day. It’s easy to slip into a rut of preparing the same set of meals week on week.

But never fear, inspiration is everywhere!

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In The Daily Grind Mealtimes Can Get Overlooked

Mum juggling daily chores.

We lead busy lives. Many of us work so many hours in an attempt to keep a roof over our family’s heads that preparing food can end up way down the list of priorities.

For some, slaving over a hot stove after a 10 hour shift can be seen as way too time consuming. But the food we put in our bodies is so important. In fact I’d argue it’s the most important part of our day.

Without good, nutritious food we’re unable to function at our best. Unable to fully achieve those goals we so desperately aim for in our daily lives. Whether that be grafting for “the other man” or working for yourself.

Nutrition is key.


Health Is Wealth – Food Is Your Medicine

7 day vegan meal plan PDF (person sitting in yoga pose).

Often ascribed to Hippocrates, the quote “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” has really come of age in the times we find ourselves living through.

Whether he actually said it or not is for other websites to argue over but the basic truth in that sentence is pretty obvious for all to see.

I did find one website disputing that food is medicine but didn’t really give it much time. I concluded it’s just clickbait and moved on. Anyone with an intellect even barely functioning knows what you put in your body is hugely important.

Just look at the epidemics of obesity, diabetes and other diet related illnesses. Mostly prevalent in the Western world where the standard American diet (SAD) has become very popular.

Most sensible scientists agree that the wrong food can make you sick.

The evidence is now overwhelming. A healthy, balanced whole foods, plant based diet is more likely to provide you with the nutrition you need to live a long life, free of these debilitating diseases of affluence.


Vegan Food Is Coming Of Age

Delicious fresh vegan bowl.

You only have to look at Twitter and the traction a well tagged vegan recipe post gets to see how popular veganism is becoming.

With all this enthusiastic interest in our compassionate movement and the food associated with it, vegans now have a dizzying array of options when it comes to meal times.

Every man and his dog, it seems, are publishing vegan recipe books and plant based transition guides. There is obviously a rapidly growing market for these products and with that, ever more options and ideas for you to try in the kitchen.

In fact, you never need to be short of inspiration.

But if you’re just getting started with veganism or you’re cutting back on the meat, this free 7-day plant based meal plan is ideal to dip your toes into the tasty world of wholesome vegan food.


57 Pages Of Pure Vegan Deliciousness!

7 day vegan meal plan PDF (couple chopping veg for a pasta).

The quality of free content in this PDF is off the scale. The authors have really put in masses of time and effort to bring you a well-structured guide to creating a whole week of vegan meals.

After a short introduction to the whys and wherefores of veganism there is a guide to reviewing your kitchen inventory. This ensures you’re all set to create your plant based delights in the week ahead.

Then we move on to the shopping, the meal planning and the prep before diving into the seven delicious vegan bowl recipes.

With clear, detailed instructions on the method and comprehensive nutrition information for every meal, this free PDF guide really over-delivers.

If you want to transition to a plant based diet this guide is packed with helpful and practical tips to give you the best chance of success.

I can highly recommend the roasted Buddha bowl on page 46 … absolutely yummy!


Let’s Evolve … Veganism Is Our Compassionate Future

A tan coloured calf looking directly at the camera.

Every day there are more people realising that their buying choices are directly responsible for driving a market in animal products which are embedded with cruelty and suffering.

Sounds a bit over the top? Well it’s not.

You can easily find out the truth for yourself. The truth about slaughterhouses and the barbaric cruelty dished out to our ‘food animals’ on a daily basis.

Once you know the truth, you either care or you don’t. If you don’t care then I’m surprised you read on this far to be honest. You’re going to need to have your own epiphany moment … and I hope you do.

If you do care then you’re, hopefully, feeling compelled to do something about it.

Well put together recipe guides like this one will help you make that change and there is so much support on the socials for those of us who genuinely want to see a change in the world.

It’s time to evolve to the next level of human endeavour. It’s time to stop the abuse, the suffering and the cruelty.

The animals we share this amazing planet with deserve to live, just like we do.


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