How Many Animals Are Saved From Veganuary?

Veganuary 2023 is almost upon us and the month-long event promises to be just as successful as last year. The more vegans the better as far as I’m concerned. If you’ve been wondering just how many animals are saved from Veganuary participation then we have some stats for that 🙂 Is January 2023 your time to make a difference?


How Many Animals Are Saved From Veganuary?

 The number of animals saved from participation in Veganuary 2022 was 2.16 million. This figure is estimated based on the number of people who tried vegan because of the campaign and the generally accepted figures for animal lives spared by going vegan. 


Watch: The Cranky Vegan on how many food animals’ lives vegans save.

( We love Jake Conroy’s calm and measured delivery. He provides the stats around 2 minutes into the vid )


Raising the profile of veganism can be a daunting task. It’s currently estimated that less than 5% of the global population follows the vegan philosophy.

Veganuary logo on a green background. With such a huge mountain to climb and some very vocal anti-vegans out there, events like Veganuary 2023 are a much needed boost to our compassionate cause.

From very humble beginnings, veganism has grown in popularity every single year and continues to follow the upward curve.

Vegans don’t ask for much. All we are really calling for is an end to the industrial scale farming of livestock for meat and dairy.

It’s easy to get bogged down in “crop death” arguments or discussions on plant sentience but when you just step back from the canvas for a moment and consider …

The human race kills 80 BILLION land animals every year for food.

Every single one a thinking, feeling, sentient creature who didn’t want to die – just like you.


What Is The Point Of Veganuary?

The point is, we humans are engaged in one of the most morally and physically destructive paths possible. Our food systems are broken.

Close up of broken glass. We urgently need to fix the problem.

Veganuary 2023 is part of the solution and aims to expose as many new people as possible to the joys of veganism and compassionate living.

If you had the choice to inflict pain, suffering and a terrifying death on an animal … or to not do that, which option would you choose?

I hope you chose the latter option because if you went for the first one, you may want to consider seeking the professional services of a therapist.

I honestly believe if people really knew what went on in slaughterhouses and on dairy farms, we’d be talking about much larger percentages of vegans on the planet.

This is the point of Veganuary 2023 – to show that you do have a choice.

A choice to spend your hard earned cash on cruelty-free food and feel good about it.


How Effective Is Veganuary?

Veganuary has proven to be very effective over the years.

Black and white photo of people with hands raised in the air. The stats for 2022 are telling … nearly 630,000 people were motivated to sign up and try the vegan lifestyle during the month-long campaign last year.

Statistical data suggests an estimated 10x that number actually participated and tried living vegan for the month.

That would mean Veganuary 2022 reached over 6.5 million people last year.

Furthermore, a high percentage of those people decided to go the whole hog (excuse the turn of phrase!) and stick with veganism for good.

Many more (83%) vowed to at least change their eating habits and move away from consuming so much meat and dairy.

It’s safe to say, Veganuary has surpassed even the most ambitious projections and has been a hugely effective positive force for change since its inception.


When Did Veganuary Become a Thing?

Jane Land and Matthew Glover, a husband and wife team, started the Veganuary movement in 2014 with pretty low expectations.

Holding a large analogue clock. “When my wife Jane and I decided to launch a new year’s vegan pledge in 2014, we expected only 1,000 people to take part”, says Mr Glover.

They were pleasantly surprised when more than 3000 signed up for the first Veganuary.

Jane and Matthew haven’t looked back …

After the 2022 event the Veganuary movement officially hit over 2 million sign ups. An amazing milestone for something they thought wouldn’t do all that much.

It just goes to show the popularity of veganism and plant based eating is growing ever stronger, year on year. It’s a logical progression for a compassionate movement.

Veganuary is now a force to be reckoned with – the dairy industry hates it so much they tried to counter the event with ‘Februdairy’ … desperate stuff!


Veganuary 2023 – Is It Your Turn To Get Involved?

With Christmas just around the corner and thoughts returning of those New Year’s resolutions you forgot about last year, Veganuary is perfectly placed to grab the attention it needs.

Official Veganuary image - choose hope; try vegan this January. Many people ask why Veganuary is in January. Well I think it was just a poignant time of year to launch the campaign originally with many people wanting to detox after the Christmas excess.

The wordplay it lends itself to is also very agreeable ????

Veganuary certainly rolls off the tongue much more easily than the clumsy ‘Februdairy’ … I wrote another article entitled: “What Is Februdairy”, if you’re interested!

If the welfare of animals in agriculture has been on your mind recently and you’ve been considering going vegan then Veganuary is a great start.

Many people have used it as a catalyst to transition to our compassionate way of life.

But you know what? Even if veganism is not for you then just reducing your meat and dairy intake makes a huge difference.

Every single human being on this planet can make a positive contribution to our future.

Why not sign up to Veganuary 2023 and make that change?


I hope you enjoyed today’s Vegan Slate offering and it has answered your burning question. If so, please share with your friends. If not then go ahead and leave me a comment below. I always answer.

Thanks for reading and have a compassionate day!



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