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This Week’s Top Story

The 5 D’s of Animal Agriculture Industry Misinformation Tactics

Browsing through the week’s news and maybe I’m imagining it, but there seems to be a definite uptick in stories about misinformation and the deceptive tactics employed by the meat and dairy industries.

They have to try and keep the profits flowing somehow as the world wakes up to the horrors perpetrated on other sentient beings by the slave-masters running these barbaric industries.

With the highly informative and detailed report from The Freedom Food Alliance published this week it seems the concerns around ‘alternative facts’ are well founded.

Workers in a call center with headsets and laptops

Is Corporate Disinformation The Biggest Threat to Our Children’s Future?

Exactly the same as the tobacco and oil industry campaigns back in the day, the meat and dairy industry’s well-funded tactics of “Deny, Derail, Delay, Deflect and Distract” are exposed in this must read new report from The Freedom Food Alliance.

Among many pertinent facts, the report states:

There is a multi-million dollar effort by industry and their allies to slow down the shift from animal-sourced foods to plant-based ones.

In a digital world where AI is rapidly taking hold, we can no longer trust what we see on our social media feeds. Even before AI became so ubiquitous we were already heading down the path of fake realities generated by ‘filters’ on our phones.

I mean, is Kim Kardashian’s butt really that big? Oh, she’s removed the implants now?

In our crazy modern world you really can’t believe anything you haven’t seen with your own eyes or heard with your own ears.

We seem to be sleepwalking into environmental collapse while the powers that be continue to deceive the general public with fake facts disseminated from places like this.

It’s high time we started questioning everything a lot more. We need to be holding all companies properly accountable for the environmental damage they cause and reject the corporate lies they peddle.

The truth will set you free …

– Rohan McAvee

Protester holding a sign that reads "There is NO planet B"

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Around The Vegan Web This Week Ending 3rd March 24

“An even meatier, beefier flavour profile” …

Beyond Meat have really stepped it up a notch with the fourth new version of their signature product, the Beyond Burger. Unveiled under ‘The Beyond IV Platform’ along with their ‘Beyond Beef’ product, these next-gen plant-based meats are not only highly realistic but nutritionally dense too. Registered dietician Stefani Sassos was lucky enough to be involved in development …

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“Unfathomable, normalized suffering for the animals” …

Despite veganism’s meteoric rise in popularity over the last 35 years, these excellent stats from a recent Vox article illustrate how far we still have to go as a species. In those same 35 years, the number of land animals farmed for food has nearly doubled. The farms are now so big that we lack the terminology to properly describe them …

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This is not the dai*y industry’s desperation … or is it?

No Sheese please, we’re British! It looks like the dairy industry is running scared with a desperate push to ban words like ‘M*lk’ and even the word ‘Whole’ on plant-based products available on our supermarket shelves. Blaming ‘consumer confusion’ it seems us Brits may soon be asking where we can find the ‘vegan soft-white balls with a light cheese flavour’ … seriously!

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Vegan make up brand E.l.f. beautifully out-performs NVIDIA

The world of high finance and investment is not something that fills me with enthusiasm but this story caught my eye. In 5 years E.l.f Beauty stock has increased by over 700% more than NVIDIA’s – the AI tech giant. Yet more proof that the demand for vegan products is mushrooming year on year. It makes me hopeful that an alternative (vegan) reality is possible …

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Many said vegan pet food was ‘im-paw-sible’ … (sorry!)

News this week of greater investment in plant-based dog food with PawCo raising $2 million as the pet food brand embraces ‘AI’. The naysayers will, no doubt, be out in force hot on the heels of the animal ag digital misinformation machine which has already seeded the obligate carnivore argument when it comes to vegan cat food!

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Carnivore cringe: the apex grifter admits health uncertainties …

The prime mover in carnivore clown land, Shawn Baker, was seriously exposed in a recent interview where he was pitted against the highly respected plant-based doctor Garth Davis. This is what happens when the Emperor’s new clothes are exposed by a genuinely superior intelligence.

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