Carnivore MD Debunked?

We’re sure there’s many people out there who’d like to see Carnivore MD debunked and defenestrated … and not just vegans either. AKA Paul Saladino, this guy has grifted a living for himself pedalling his book and selling his weird supplements, guiding the unsuspecting down a path of human carnivory. A diet which is, at best questionable and at worst, downright dangerous.


Carnivore MD Debunked?

 Lots of respected professionals have Mr Carnivore MD debunked good and proper. From those with a Masters Degree in Nutrition Science to plant based nutritionists and medical doctors to those who’ve tried a carnivore diet and nearly died. We’ve lined up below some of the best debunkings we can find out there, for your education and entertainment! 


Our favourite debunking gets pride of place right at the top: Chris MacAskill from Plant Chompers tries to keep his cool while systematically destroying many of the bizarre claims in Saladino’s book …

(it’s well worth watching the entire 15 minutes of this logical, science-based debunking)


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The Carnivore Diet: Trendy & Unproven

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There’s been an awful lot of hype surrounding the carnivore diet in recent years. A few trailblazers making a lot of noise have pushed this odd way of eating more into the mainstream through seemingly positive health outcomes.

But the jury is still out.

… mainly because nearly all the evidence out there is purely anecdotal.

Most reputable nutritionists simply do not recommend this diet due to its highly restrictive nature. We’re not going to get into the nuances of what the diet entails since I’d wager you already know if you found this page on Google.

If you’re not clear on the composition of a carnivore diet then have a read of our related article which goes into more depth on what Mr Carnivore MD actually eats (hint: it’s not only meat).


Video #1: Simon Hill MSc BSc, Nutrition Scientist

Paul ‘Carnivore MD’ Saladino makes a lot of claims about the health benefits of meat heavy diets and even more claims about plant foods being bad for you.

But many of his claims are easily debunked.

@nutritionscientist♬ Suspense, horror, piano and music box – takaya

In this quick 3 and a half minute vid from Simon Hill we see Mr Saladino engaging in the most obvious confirmation bias. It doesn’t take long for a real, grown up nutrition scientist to utterly destroy Saladino’s claim.

What is the claim? That dietary fibre does not improve gut health. An opinion which flies in the face of nearly all the studies in this area.

But then … that’s exactly why Paul is so popular. Because he goes against accepted wisdom and challenges authority.

… and those who are easily led down his path absolutely love it.


Video #2: Dr Mathew Nagra BSc ND, Naturopathic Physician

More spurious claims from our favourite carnivore loon. This time Saladino is banging on about how plant foods lack essential nutrients and he provides a convincing list for the viewer while waving around two big lumps of beef.

What he fails to tell us is that most of the nutrients he lists are not actually essential and he provides no references to back up his misleading claims. Funny that.

Also he is just plain lying when he claims plants cannot provide humans with significant quantities of vitamin B2. Dr Nagra easily debunks this nonsense citing the fact that just 1 oz of almonds provides around 25% of our daily requirement.

The video also addresses B12 (genuinely essential), creatine, biotin, anserine, carnitine, vitamin K2, taurine and the evergreen subject of protein. All of these nutrients, Saladino claims, are lacking in plant based diets.

As usual, it’s utter nonsense from the grifter in chief.


Video #3: Rob Latham, TikTok Personal Trainer

Just because Rob doesn’t have any formal medical or nutrition qualifications, doesn’t mean his take on this is any less valid. Rob walks the talk and garners a huge social media following.

In this quick, bitesize 1:17 long TikTok Rob exposes a very common tactic employed by Saladino. In fact this is a tactic which Saladino himself often castigates others for using.

It’s called reductionism … limiting the point you’re making to one specific element of the topic and ignoring the bigger picture.

@roblapham CarnivoreMD loves to cherry pick what he shows especially when it comes to plants. Organ meat does contain a lot of micronutrients but that doesn’t mean you can’t get them from veggies. #eathisnotthat #foodtoavoid #whattoeat #weightlossmotivation #gymmotivation #diet ♬ Lo-Fi analog beat – Gloveity

This is a tried and tested method for the con artist. The really mad thing is, the more someone regurgitates these half-truths and propaganda, the more they end up believing it themselves.

They become re-programmed and the entire process is self-affirming. It’s often why they connect profoundly with people … because they truly believe this stuff, to the bottom of their heart.


Video #4: Joe Red Pill Vegan, YouTube Creator

Joe ‘Red Pill Vegan’ has a solid following online. Not massive but quality over quantity 😉

Here he systematically goes through Saladino’s carnivore chronology, highlighting a number of inconsistencies. I like the way he just stays reasonable, rational and logical.

Where others may get hysterical reacting to Saladino’s weirdness, Joe just keeps it on the level. Simply telling it like it is … shining a spotlight on everything that doesn’t add up to what Mr Carnivore MD has claimed in the past.

Grifter? You make up your own mind …

I think one of the most interesting things about Saladino’s journey is how he has felt the need to incorporate quite a few plants back into his diet to remain healthy.

But yeah … hey! … plants are bad for you Bro.


Scores Of Other Vids Debunking Carnivore MD

I will say one thing for Mr Saladino…

Man in a blue shirt holding a megaphone in front of his face so it looks like his head is the megaphone.

He’s very good at grabbing your attention. Something about his style of delivery makes you sit up and listen.

It’s this charisma which connects with people and the fact that he goes against the established wisdom. People love those who challenge authority and Paul does just that.

He also grabs the attention of those who feel the need to counter his wild claims and here’s just a small selection of many other videos where Carnivore MD is debunked good and proper!


“This guy is out of control” – Abbey Sharp utterly annihilates Paul’s bonkersness!


Here’s another quick debunk from Simon Hill on Saladino’s anti-seed oil stance. Mr Carnivore is up to his usual reductionist tricks, cherry picking studies and making false claims. It seems carnivores can pick cherries all day long 🙂


Lastly, this vid is not specifically about Paul Saladino but contains some very interesting discussion points from board-certified, family physician Joel Fuhrman, M.D. on some of the health concerns around a carnivore diet:


There’s many, many more videos out there showing up Paul Saladino for what he really is. Before you consider this curious diet fad known as carnivore please do check some of them out and be aware of Carnivore MD’s tactics when disseminating his dodgy data.


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