‘Big meat’ goes vegan, yet another environmental study and ‘They’re Trying To Kill Us’ … Vegan Slate News w/e 11th Feb 2024

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Hello Space Traveller,

Another week rolls by and I’m a little bit late getting this newsletter out but better late than never.

As usual there’s plenty going on in vegan land this week as our compassionate movement gets ever stronger and ever louder.

… and as we reach more and more of the mainstream, the same old arguments do the rounds on Twitter (X) and the other socials.

It’s funny how, when you mention veganism, everyone seems to turn into an expert on health, nutrition, food science and supply chain theory.

( that’s the reason this newsletter is a little late – I got involved on Twitter !)

So without further ado, lets get to it …

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Check out the latest below from ‘big meat’ cashing in on plant-based to food inequality to vegan Christians … we’ve got it all 🙂

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This Week’s Top Story

Massive Meat Producers Like Tyson Foods Are Investing Heavily in Plant-Based …

It’s against the backdrop of a share price which has tumbled since early 2022 that behemoth of the meat industry, Tyson Foods, is now investing heavily in plant-based foods, along with other food industry giants.

In this recent Yahoo Finance report we can see Tyson’s continued investment “particularly in plant-based protein” is highlighted, marking a significant shift away from it’s core business of flogging dead animal flesh to the masses.

… and they’re not alone.

Other large meat suppliers like Nestlé, Smithfield Foods and Hormel Foods are all getting in on the plant-based action.

It’s not like they just woke up to the potential of the meat-free market. These food industry mammoths have been systematically growing their plant-based offerings for some years now.

An article in The Guardian from May 2022 details numerous large food companies making sizable investments in plant-based products and processing facilities.

… and a similar piece in the New York Times from 2019 also flagged what’s to come.

So what does this all mean for the progression of veganism and the animal rights movement?

Well, it’s not the best of news to be honest. These large multinationals are like ocean supertankers and struggle to change course as quickly as smaller outfits.

But they do exert massive leverage on supply chains and supermarkets and with this influence comes the ability to squeeze out the little guy.

Since meat and dairy are still the biggest revenue generators for companies like Tyson, if vegans buy their produce from these places they’re directly supporting animal suffering, plain and simple.

Many would argue that any growth of plant-based is a good thing, regardless of the company involved but there is a growing disquiet about the situation and ‘corporate veganism’ is a phrase which we’re going to be hearing a lot more in the coming years … of that I’m fairly sure.

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Around The Vegan Web This Week Ending 11th Feb 24

‘They’re trying to kill us’ …

“Food deserts disproportionally affect non-white neighbourhoods”. During Black History Month you can watch this star-studded, full-length movie for free (just provide your email). Why are black and brown people so much more likely to die from modern ‘diseases of affluence’?

Watch The Film

New study shows a plant-based diet is the most sustainable …

Published this month in Nature Communications we have yet another reputable study concluding that a vegan diet is the least damaging option when it comes to greenhouse gas emissions, water and land use …

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Christians should not just ‘walk by’ ignoring the suffering of billions of animals …

In a 6 part YouTube series, vegan vicars are asking if the Church is ‘behind the times’ when it comes to animal rights and welfare issues …

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New B2B magazine ‘Cultivated X’ launches as non-animal based meat set to disrupt the market

From the publishers of the excellent ‘Vegconomist’ magazine comes a new periodical focusing wholly on cellular agriculture’s “almost inexhaustible potential” …

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Agri giant LDC to open new pea protein facility in Canada …

Global agricultural goods merchant Louis Dreyfus is building a dedicated production plant to service the ever growing plant-based protein market.

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Hampton Roads Vegan Restaurant Week 12 – 19th Feb …

The Soulfull Vegan invites you to show your love and support during Valentine’s week by checking out some delicious plant-based food during Hampton Roads Vegan Restaurant Week. If you’re in the area why not grab yourself a bite at one of the many participating eateries?

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Hot off the press this week is a look at the life and work of ‘Chef Joya’, celebrity vegan chef.

You would never be able to tell it’s vegan.

She is a real inspiration all year round and especially during Black History Month

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“Quitting Dairy Changed My Life” … (surprisingly profoundly!)

From the very first few days of your life the imagery is all around you. Glasses of whiter than white milk and happy cows enjoying a charmed life in lush green fields. So when you hear more and more people saying things like “quitting dairy changed my life” there is a natural disconnect there. If cow’s milk is so good …

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