A collapsing Amazon rainforest ecosystem, gene-edited pigs, vegan vampires (!) and of course, ‘Pignorant’ …

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Hello Space Traveller,

Another week rolls by. Another week of animals saved 🙂

I love being vegan. It’s not always the easiest but it’s a lot easier than being herded into a gas chamber to meet your end.

That’s the reality for millions of pigs in the UK and around the world who’ve barely lived out 4% of their natural life.

Basically … they’re babies.

How is this still an OK thing to do in the 21st Century? Why are so many people still fine with an annual slaughter of sentient beings which is off the scale?

Why is everyone so “Pignorant“?

Yep … I’m going to quickly promote Joey Carbstrong’s outstanding film at the top today.

Joey and his team have exposed the reality with footage of the gruesome act and the film has been an amazing success so far.

If you haven’t watched it yet, I can highly recommend it.

Joey watching another truckload of young pigs being driven into the slaughterhouse ...

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This Week’s Top Story

An Event Once In 65 Million Years?

The human race is nothing if not arrogant.

We think we’re special, yet we are just a stitch in time … a miniscule and potentially very brief blip in the space-time continuum.

Will we awaken and stop navel-gazing before it’s too late?

The plight of the Amazon rainforest has been a constant part of the news cycle for decades and experts have warned of imminent collapse before.

But it seems this time it’s serious.

A new study in Nature this month has identified the three most plausible trajectories of the current trend, looking at different combinations of variables and the prognosis is not great.

A lush, green forest in the foreground fading to dusky blue hills in the background against a moody sky.

It is an inescapable fact that meat eaters in the West and beyond are directly driving deforestation in the Amazon. Beef production and soy cultivation being the two biggest drivers.

And 75% + of that soy is used to feed the animals we slaughter and eat.

Plant-based diets have been shown time and again to be much more resource efficient and the sooner we all move to a predominantly plant-forward situation the better for all the animals and all mankind.

But it’s a very steep mountain to climb and we are only in the foothills.

We may have already passed the tipping point in terms of the time we have left to make a change.

… and change is what we must do if we’re to evolve to the next level of human existence where we no longer take the life of a thinking, feeling being in order to satisfy our taste buds … having zero regard for the violent, negative energy embedded in that burger.

It’s a violent energy which is now coming back to kick us squarely in the fundament.

Let’s evolve to a vegan world … but hurry up already!

Image credit: @LeonSimons8

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Where livestock once roamed …

A new study has shown even a relatively small reduction in our consumption of animal products could free up enough land to replace all the coal-fired power stations in the world. This one will have the carnist crowd up in arms (again).

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BMW launches vegan leather seats – corporate veganism?

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What is the greenest milk?

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