Vedge Nutrition Organic Plant Protein Powder Review

Vedge Nutrition is a plant-based company coming from the right place! Their mission is to bring the highest quality vegan supplements to the market and give back to the planet. With vegan co-founders like bodybuilder Nimai Delgado & fitness coach Bianca Taylor, we just had to take a look so here’s our Vedge Nutrition plant protein powder review.


Vedge Nutrition Organic Plant Protein Powder Review

 This is a super high quality, high performance plant protein powder with 25g of vegan protein per serving. Perfect for bodybuilders and anyone who needs a bit more protein in their diet. We found the powder dissolves well, tastes good, is not chalky and has no bitter aftertaste. Vedge also give back via participation in 1% For The Planet. What’s not to like? 


Watch: Nimai & Bianca at a vegan street fair in LA, April 2022.

( notice the reactions to the samples taste testing )


Created By Vegan Athletes For Vegans

I’m going to tell you right off the bat, this is going to be a positive review 🙂

The front of a 24 ounce pouch of Vedge Nutrition plant protein powder. Here at Vegan Slate we love Vedge Nutrition and what they stand for. I feel great when I do some research online and get that warm fuzzy excited feeling which I used to get all the time about new vegan ventures.

But there’s so many these days I’m sometimes all fuzzied out!

The founders of Vedge Nutrition are the aforementioned Nimai Delgado and Bianca Taylor along with Steve Browne and vegan bodybuilder Stephen Coote … to say this is an energetic team is an understatement.

Their mission is to rise above the noise and bring high quality nutritional products to the market which they actually use themselves. Products developed by industry experts with no shady snake oil in there!

With Vedge, what you see is what you get.


Vedge Plant Protein Ingredients

Montana at Vedge was kind enough to send us a little goodie bag of products to try out. Thanks Montana 🙂

Vedge Nutrition plant protein ingredients (back of pouch).We were excited to receive our vanilla ice cream flavour plant protein 24 ounce pack the other day.

This high quality USDA certified organic product is gluten free, made with non-GMO ingredients and is, of course, 100% vegan.

Here’s the ingredients list for the vanilla flavour powder …

  • Organic pea, pumpkin and sunflower seed protein
  • Organic vanilla powder
  • Organic banana
  • Natural flavours
  • Organic guar gum
  • Organic gum acacia
  • Xanthan gum
  • Organic Steviol Glycosides

1 scoop of this powder provides you with 25g of vegan protein which is around 50% of your daily requirement, according to current medical advice. There is also a decent amount of iron in this product at 20% of your daily value per scoop.


Does Vedge Vegan Protein Powder Taste Better?

If you’re moving from animal based to plant based (better yet, going vegan) then you may notice a difference in taste between the whey protein powders and their vegan counterparts.

A bowl of porridge with banana, dark choc chips and Vedge vanilla protein powder shake on top.Unfortunately, some of the other plant protein powders on the market do have a funky aftertaste.

But Vedge definitely seem to have overcome this, at least with the vanilla protein powder. We can’t comment on the other flavours as we haven’t tried them although I’m hearing good things about the cold brew latte option too 🙂

We tried a 35g scoop of powder mixed in water, as recommended on the pack and it really does taste like vanilla ice cream. There’s a hint of banana notes a few moments after the initial sweet vanilla taste. It’s not overly sweet though.

The very fine powder mixes up quickly and easily with no graininess. You don’t get any bitter undertones coming through either which can be a common downside with vegan protein supplements.

There’s no separation and we couldn’t detect any chalkiness in there like you get with some other vegan protein powders.

Our teenage daughter tried some on her morning porridge with banana and dark chocolate (pictured) … she immediately approved, giving us a double thumbs up!


Any Downsides To Vedge Protein Powders?

Quality wise, we think Vedge are top flight. Price wise … well we do believe you get what you pay for. Using Amazon as a direct comparison here’s a price breakdown of some of the more popular vegan protein powders …

  • Ora Chocolate – $1.75 / ounce
  • Vedge Vanilla – $1.58 / ounce
  • Garden Of Life Vanilla – $1.44 / ounce
  • Plant Fusion Vanilla – $1.44 / ounce
  • Vega Vanilla – $1.39 / ounce
  • Orgain Chocolate Fudge – $0.93 / ounce

This quick price point comparison has Vedge Nutrition near the top of the list so it’s not the cheapest but again, if quality is important to you then pricing should be a secondary consideration – within reason of course!

The other big downside for us is we couldn’t find a distributor here in the UK so we’d have to go with the international shipping which does bump the price up quite a bit.


Conclusion: Thumbs Up For Vedge Nutrition

Wrapping this up … Vedge is a high quality, trusted brand bringing some of the best vegan nutritional supplements to the market.

Close up of the Vedge Nutrition logo on the front of the pouch.With overwhelmingly positive reviews online you can be safe in the knowledge you’re dealing with industry professionals who have your health as their #1 modus operandi.

We’re more than happy to recommend this excellent plant protein powder to all our users and we’re confident you will not be disappointed with their small but perfectly formed range! But they do offer a refund in the unlikely event you’re not happy.

Why not give them a try today? Join the thousands of happy customers who keep coming back to Vedge Nutrition for their vegan supplements.

Use the coupon code VEGANSLATE to get 10% off your order today.


I hope this review has helped you answer your questions about Vedge Nutrition today. If not, please go ahead and ask us below in the comments. A social share is always appreciated too.

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Thanks for reading and have a peaceful day.




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