The Number of Vegans in the UK is up 80% as Veganuary 2024 Promises to Surpass all Expectations

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Veganism is hugely on the rise and seems unstoppable now. Veganuary marches on …

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Announced This Veganuary 2024: UK Vegan Population Almost Doubles Inside One Year.

Hot off the press this week is some very encouraging research from showing that 4.7% of the UK population is now vegan. A number which is 1.1 million up on last year’s 1.4 million.

That’s nearly an 80% increase year on year. See the full report here.

Dear Reader, with Veganuary 2024 nearly into its last full ‘work week’ it feels like it’s been a bit of a roller coaster. We have plant-based wonderment all around us while the anti-vegan brigade is also in full attendance.

But it’s certainly shaping up to be the biggest ever with the UK seeing an explosion in numbers of people going vegan in 2024. The awakening grows ever stronger!

Here’s a quick selection of this week’s Veganuary links

  1. Veganuary 2024 Recipes: 7 plant-based recipes for delicious samosas.
  2. Misleading Anti-Veganuary Campaign from ‘Let’s Eat Balanced’ is slammed by scientists.
  3. Baltimore Becomes First US City to officially recognise “Veganuary Month”.
  4. Why Veganuary? Some cold hard facts from Oxford Smith School’s Dr Mike Clark.

You can find plenty of resources on the Veganuary website to get going with a little local activism!

Around The Vegan Web This Wk Ending 21st Jan 24

Toss that ham in the garbage can

German company Rügenwalder Mühle ditches its all time classic “Schinken Spicker” ham product and replaces it with a plant-based version …

Read More

Let food be thy medicine …

Yet another study showing a strong link between a whole food plant-based diet and a reduction in chronic illness through women’s later years …

via New York Post

Best Western becomes Worst Western over car crash Veganuary ad campaign …

‘What were Best Western thinking?’ Veganuary brings out the best and the worst with a social media backlash over hotel chain’s misguided billboard ad campaign.

Read More

Do we cling on to capitalism to try and save our planet?

Capitalism has played a big part in the climate crisis but could our addiction to profit actually drive the wheels of the green revolution?

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The 20 ‘most vegan cities’ in the world according to HappyCow …

Berlin and London again figure highly in this list from popular vegan app, HappyCow. If you’re on your vegan travels you need this app …

via Plant Based News

Forum Post: ‘Newbie needs help with plant-based beef’ …

Transitioning slowly? Here’s some great advice from the community over at the Vegan Forum.

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Interview Hot Off The Press! Veganuary’s founders Matthew Glover & Jane Land reflect on ten years of the outrageously successful campaign and how they became the plant based “power couple”.

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What Kills More Animals, Vegans Or Meat Eaters?

An evergreen vegan myth seems to have embedded itself in modern discourse. So let’s take a proper look at the question: What kills more animals, vegans or meat eaters? You will find many anti-vegans unthinkingly regurgitating the claim that vegans kill more animals through crop deaths of field mice and the like. Well, it’s really easy to disprove this claim …

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