St. Patrick’s Day Woes for Irish Dairy, Cost of Living Hits Plant-based Sales & Yet More Evidence The Meat Industry Misleads Consumers … Vegan Slate news w/e 17th March 24

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Hello Space Traveller,

We’ve made it through another 7 revolutions around the Earth’s axis yet again 🙂

… and yet again, climate data released this week continues to paint a somewhat concerning picture.

It’s now well accepted that to be vegan means you’ll inherently contribute less to the climate change problem we all now unquestionably face.

… and veganism/plant-based is really taking off as a viable alternative.

So may I offer you this week’s slate of weekly vegan news across the web …

Climate activists on the march holding a big banner saying: 'climate justice'

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This Week’s Top Story

Not a Happy Place For The Irish Diary Industry this St. Patrick’s Day 2024 …

Today, St Patrick’s Day shall be celebrated across the 4 corners of the globe in every enclave where the Celtic influence has spread its wings!

Being of Celtic descent myself I do feel a mild affinity with the Emerald Isle although my ancestors were on the Scottish side. I certainly feel more Celtic than Viking 🙂

Man with shamrock shaped spectacles on celebrating St Patrick's Day ...

Earlier this year the Irish Central Statistics Office (CSO) reported another marked decline in milk production across Ireland throughout 2023, dropping to its lowest level for 23 years.

It seems even with hefty subsidies over many decades, the Irish dairy industry still struggles to trade profitably even resorting to squeezing out local producers in places like Senegal.

Ireland exports around 90% of it’s dairy production, much of it in the form of dried milk powder.

But it’s the local populations around these large dairy production units that have to put up with the waste and environmental degradation.

So, even though veganism is rapidly growing in popularity among Irish consumers, their choices will have little effect on the Irish dairy industries and residents’ local environment.

But it’s the cows and their offspring who really suffer

As we raise a glass to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day today spare a thought for those poor bovine souls trapped in the living hell that is the Irish dairy industry (and all other dairy industries for that matter).

If you’re considering going vegan this St. Patrick’s Day, I commend you and can wholeheartedly recommend it to everyone who is able to do it …

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from Vegan Slate … have a good one 🙂

– Rohan McAvee

3 men enjoying a drink of something bright green on St Patrick's Day.

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Around The Vegan Web This Week Ending 17th March 24

Cost of living crisis hits sales of plant-based foods …

Last week we reported on the explosive growth of plant-based foods. It seemed to be all over the internet. Then this week we learn of a report from retail specialists, Bridgethorne, which shows that sales of PBF in the UK fell by £38.4M last year, placing it among one of the worst performing grocery categories. So which is it?

Read More …

Contradictory headlines evidence of big animal ag disinformation?

Yahoo! Finance this week reports the global plant-based protein market is set to grow 8.4% in 7 years, soaring to $26.45 billion market value – that’s significant. This seems to fly in the face of reports in the UK of a marked decline in the plant-based food sector during January. One has to question the validity of data from these retail analysts and the like. It wouldn’t surprise me one bit if the slimy tentacles of big animal ag have had a part to play in this game. Follow the money is always sound advice …

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Are we losing sight of the wood among all the trees?

A very grand new restaurant soon to open in Canary Wharf, London, makes a big deal out of using the first 3D-printed, compostable interiors! No doubt it will be a big environmental selling point for ‘Roe’ – a dining experience spread over 3 floors. It will be a zero-waste enterprise apparently and the phrase ‘nose to tail’ even makes an appearance in their press. Meat dishes will no doubt figure highly so could this be a little bit of fine-dining green-washing?

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Carnivore code crumbles as study suggests fermented foods drove human brain growth …

It’s long been thought that the rapid increase in human brain size around 2.5M years ago was driven by the discovery of fire and the introduction of more meat into the diet, especially seafood. But this recent study published via Communications Biology casts yet more doubt on that increasingly weak hypothesis. …

Via Plant Based News

Can we “invent our way out of climate change”?

It was announced this week that the billionaire founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, has pledged an initial $60M to develop his ‘Bezos Centers for Sustainable Protein’. Through his philanthropic endeavours, the Bezos Earth Fund vice chair Lauren Sánchez explained that we ‘need to invent our way out of climate change’. If anyone can do it, Bezos can although there is a certain irony involved here which should not be overlooked!

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More evidence the meat industry engages in misleading tactics …

JBS USA, the American arm of the world’s biggest beef producer, is being sued by New York State for allegedly misleading the public about it’s environmental credentials. In 2021 the parent company, JBS Group, presided over greenhouse gas emissions which exceeded the total emissions of some small countries! Accused of greenwashing and false advertising, it’s another nail in the coffin of the animal ag industry …

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