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Hello fellow space traveller,

I hope you’ve had a good week 🙂

Last night we finally got around to watching the most excellent documentary from executive producers, Chris Paul and Billie Eilish … “They’re Trying To Kill Us“.

I have to say it’s very well put together and we were riveted throughout.

Co-director John Lewis does a fantastic job of highlighting the food inequalities faced by black and brown communities in the US.

The film goes even further and suggests there has been an orchestrated attempt to keep these disadvantaged communities beat down since colonial times.

“Soul food” might not be the tradition you thought it was!

I highly recommend a watch of this doco which you can view for free throughout the month of February for Black History Month.

Loading bullets into a gun.

… and now, on with this week’s news. Check out the latest below from vegan condoms to driving dead animals around London to Joey Carbstrong’s new film, ‘Pignorant’ … it’s all here 🙂

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This Week’s Top Story

Vegan Activist, Joey Carbstrong Releases Hard-Hitting Pig Industry Exposé, “Pignorant”

We’re going all in with Joey this week and his new film, ‘Pignorant’.

His dedicated team has been working away on this full-length cinematic production since 2019 after Joey became aware of the growing use of gas chambers in the UK and a particular establishment in Manchester.

So he decided to go in … I mean, literally, go in … yep, he risks his life and descends into the lower reaches of the gas chamber that suffocates and slaughters thousands of pigs on a regular basis.

In fact on their website, Pilgrim’s UK boasts of ‘processing’ 2.5 million pigs every year. That’s nearly 7000 pigs meeting their grizzly end every single day of the year 🙁

Joey in a blue boiler suit, using a respirator to descend into the gas chamber.

The feedback has been phenomenal this week after the film was released on Monday 12th and when I checked Amazon Prime just now it was sitting inside the top 20 on the ‘Recently Added’ list.

This has been a huge step, let’s keep going!” said the long-time vegan crusader in a recent Tweet, pushing to keep the momentum going.

Joey has previously released shocking footage of pigs being gassed in these gruesome installations and this new film goes even further to expose the truly barbaric practice which has become the norm.

If I’m not willing to risk my life to expose what’s happening to them, then I don’t really care about it enough” said the ex-gang member turned animal activist.

I’ll be completely honest, I haven’t psyched myself up to watch it yet because I know it’s going to be distressing but don’t be like me … stream it now on Amazon and leave your reviews far and wide.

The more exposure this doco gets the more people may wake up and question the industries they support with their hard earned cash.

We’ll always have those thinking they’re clever leaving comments like “Mmmmm bacon” on the socials but those people are probably beyond help, in all honesty!

Watch the film …

Pig with piglets confined behind bars looking at the camera looking forlorn.

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‘Big Meat’ fights back in Alabama …

The all-powerful animal ag lobbyists have been active in Alabama with the Alabama Senate passing a bill that prohibits the sale of cultured meat within the state. “We have plenty of [animal] food in the state” said Senator Jack Williams. The bill now moves to the house …

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Plant-based diet improves sexual function by 8 – 11% …

Published this week in the NLM we have an interesting study which looked at quality of life among prostate cancer survivors. The results are really quite stark and yet again, we see evidence that plant-based can heal your body.

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Viva! shocks Londoners with symbolically graphic campaign …

Driving a truck around London with three dead animals hanging on butcher’s hooks is always going to catch the eye of a passer by. Some were disgusted, others vowed to eat less meat and one woman went vegan on the spot …

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“Britain’s Greenest Burgers” …

Coming to a UK supermarket near you this year, MYCO are launching their oyster mushroom-based protein, ‘Hooba’, grown and produced at their new Yorkshire site. With fresh investment this British plant-based success story continues to impress the big buyers …

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Why the ECHR matters …

A court in Denmark has ruled that a child was discriminated against when her kindergarten refused to provide her with vegan meals and stopped her from bringing her own packed lunch. No doubt some Brexit headbangers would like to leave the ECHR for reasons such as this!

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Less Horny in the Heat ?

The marketing team at at BETTER have outdone themselves with the promotion of their new ‘Climaxxx’ vegan condoms! The riskay campaign uses climate change to frame the launch of their sustainable product and some of the messaging would have Mary Whitehouse turning in her grave!

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