How Do Vegans Deal With Anger?

Nearly every vegan will have experienced that deep anger directed at a world which has allowed the systematic abuse of animals to continue pretty much unchecked. Why do others not see what you see? If you’re feeling angry as a vegan, you’re certainly not alone. So how do vegans deal with anger? Can you direct that anger towards a positive?


How Do Vegans Deal With Anger?

 Vegans deal with anger in different ways but to avoid a self-destructive path the first step should always be recognition and acceptance. I see a lot of anger in the vegan communities on social … and with good reason. I mean, why did you go vegan in the first place? 


Watch: ‘The Vegan View’ with special guest, Cassandra Bodzak

(Cassandra has some top tips for vegans on dealing with anger)


First: Recognise The Anger Inside

Anger is an emotion which can be all consuming. As such, it can be difficult to step back from the canvas and realise just how angry you are.

It’s completely natural to feel that anger especially when you first go vegan.

A struck match bursting into flames. As you become more embedded in the vegan way of life the anger does tend to subside a bit as the grim realisation sets in that many others simply don’t care.

Most vegans will have come to it through becoming aware of or even, dare I say, ‘woke’ to the gross mistreatment of animals which is commonplace in our agricultural systems.

When you see those videos on YouTube of human beings purposefully harming animals for no apparent reason, the fire of rage in your belly often just explodes.

It’s because they’re cowards attacking and abusing innocent beings.

The rage is actually the correct response because it means you care … even though it can make you feel a bit out of control.

To be constantly angry is not healthy though.

The trick is to recognise when it is happening and just pause for a second or two. Tell yourself this is totally normal and hold off on any rash actions you might feel like taking!

It can be difficult to do but with practice it will come.


Second: Consciously Redirect That Anger

So once you’ve spotted the rage inside you can choose what you do with it.

Angry man with big hair. Anger is a hugely powerful energy and you can direct that energy towards a positive outcome.

Using simple self-talk techniques it’s entirely possible to consciously redirect the fire in your belly into a constructive force for good.

We all silently talk to ourselves constantly throughout the day. As the old saying goes: “talking to yourself is the first sign of madness” but this is completely untrue. Everyone does it all the time!

The internal dialogue in your mind is what vegans can use to deal with anger … it’s an extremely effective technique.

Me personally? I use the anger to help me write. I know that by publishing words on the internet and reaching people, I’m doing something constructive.

So by simply saying to yourself something like: “as I feel this burning rage inside me so I find it easy to convert the angry energy into positive creativity through my writing”.

Letters cut from newspaper reading: we rise by lifting others. Then follow with: “and as I convert the anger into creative energy, so I can feel my rage subsiding by the second”.

It might sound a bit cheesy, but it works. Trust me.

You can replace the “writing” bit with your hobby or other activity you enjoy. Maybe you’re a runner or a cyclist or an artist.

Funnel the anger into your activity and use it to help you run further or faster. While you’re engaging in that activity, use self-talk to reduce the angry emotions inside you.

Again, something simple like: “with every metre I run so I can feel the anger subside within me … and as I feel the anger subside so my mind is clearing and I can just focus on my run”.

See how the second part reinforces the first?

You can use these simple methods of self-suggestion to help you deal with your rage.

Just remember to keep your self-talk positive. You can almost always find a positive way of expressing your desired outcome.


Third: Involve Yourself In Activism

Once you become ‘woke’ and aware of why it is vegans are vegan, the emotions can become a little overwhelming. You may feel helpless.

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Adrift in a vast ocean of humanity that has no idea of the grim realities in the meat and dairy industries. It can sometimes seem like a lost cause … it’s crystal clear to you but why do so few others see?

A model globe with googly eyes stuck on it. Again, this can make you angry.

Getting involved in vegan activism can give you something to focus the anger on and a practical way of using the self-talk methods outlined above.

It can give you more hope for change. But you don’t need to engage in direct action if you don’t want to …

If you do want to then great … we need you too; but many of us, for whatever reason, are unable to go down that road.

If you have a job, a family to support and a less than understanding boss, you may not be able to risk your activism becoming common knowledge. Just one example.

But you can still be an activist

With the internet comes an unparalleled opportunity to make your voice heard. You can use an alias and self-publish your own articles on your own website potentially reaching hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people!

It’s exactly what I do and I find it a very effective way of dealing with the anger I have often felt, as a vegan in this mad world.


Like To Write? It’s The Perfect Anger Outlet!

If you knew of a way to reach people actively engaged in seeking out information on veganism and you can afford a small investment, why wouldn’t you use that knowledge?

Someone's hand flicking through the pages of a book. Words are extremely powerful and you can help people make the right decisions with simple, self-published articles. Just like this one.

You can spread the word and reach the masses. You can even make a living out of it, if you want to.

Here is the education I used to create this very website and following these methods has resulted in numerous natural page one listings on Google and the other search engines.

You can do exactly the same and what’s more, I can show you some little shortcuts you can use to see results faster than the basic training might offer.

What could be more powerful than being at the top of Google?

Check it out and ask me any questions in the comments below. I always reply.


Thanks so much for reading. Share with your friends and have a compassionate day!




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