Do The Cows Know It’s Mother’s Day? Nestlé Opens Huge New PB Factory & You’re to Blame For Climate Change! Huh? Yeah … YOU!

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We’re celebrating Mother’s Day here in the UK today and while it’s a happy time for many sons and daughters who’re lucky enough to still have Mum around, we will also just acknowledge the desperate plight of Mother cows in the cruel dairy industry …

I’m so glad my family is vegan!

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This Week’s Top Story

Happy Mother’s Day? Spare a Thought For The Cows Enslaved by Big Dairy …

As we celebrate our amazing Mums here in the UK today, many people are blissfully unaware of the extreme stress and grief we subject our Mother cows to … all for a pint of milk.

Contrary to what some people believe, milk does not come from Tesco. It’s an unavoidable fact that a cow must be pregnant to produce milk … just like a human mum.

So every day, millions of cows are artificially inseminated in a wholly unceremonious fashion. Many vegans equate this to rape and it’s certainly no fun for the cow.

A new-born calf resting it's head on the ground with eyes closed

Mother’s Day exists to honour motherhood and the nurturing safety of our maternal connection.

The dairy industry violates this connection by separating the new-born calf from their loving Mother, often within hours of birth. Many calves are shot in the head because they’re of no value!

If you’re a mum then just try to imagine how you would feel if someone removed your baby from you shortly after you’d brought forth this miracle of creation into the world.

Mother cows have the exact same maternal connections as human mums and they experience profound trauma when the farmer removes their precious new-born.

It’s an undeniable truth that when you consume dairy products you are driving the market forces which create this dystopian situation we find ourselves enduring in the early 21st century.

Let’s mark Mother’s Day today but spare a thought for the agonising desperation of the Mother cow trapped in the dairy industry.

To #bevegan is to respect all Mothers, human and non-human …

– Rohan McAvee

A young calf nuzzling up to mum displaying the maternal bond

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Around The Vegan Web This Week Ending 10th March 24

Nestlé opens it’s $90 million plant-based Serbian facility …

It seems there’s no stopping the onward march of the plant-based revolution and I have to tell myself this news is a good thing. Many would say it smacks of ‘corporate veganism’ but the simple fact that we’re moving over more than ever to plant-based food surely means fewer animals will suffer … and that must be a good thing!

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“Is udder butter a bit weird?”

A new advertising campaign from Flora, the margarine giant, urges consumers to “skip the cow” … and the cows agree. Even though dairy products are still used in some of their products, the owners of Flora, Upfield, are confident this new campaign will strike the right note with consumers, challenging the normality of dairy farming.

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Vegan heritage: Leicester named official ‘home of veganism’ …

Even though his wife, Dorothy, was likely equally instrumental in the event, Donald Watson is widely recognised as the father of modern veganism when he and Dorothy came up with the word ‘Vegan’ back in 1944. They were living in Leicester at the time so now we have an information panel erected in Evesham Road to commemorate. Taking bets that some hero will leave a meaty message on the panel within a few short weeks …

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Plant-based now the cheaper option in Burger King Germany

It had to happen sooner or later and this week sees German branches of BK launching their “Plant-based for Everyone” campaign responding to significantly increased demand for meat-free. Yet more evidence the world is becoming a more compassionate place, one step at a time …

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The “Second Phase” of the plant-based revolution …

UK supermarket chain Tesco are reporting renewed and stronger growth in plant-based products with sales of fish alternatives doubling from this time last year as well as plant-based chicken and steaks showing 20% growth compared to the same 3 months last year. Valentines day appears to have been a big driver with 100,000 ‘Juicy Marbles’ meat-free steaks flying off the plant-based shelves …

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Vegan labels do not mean a product is animal-free …

A new campaign from Allergy UK urges those who are allergic to animal products not to assume a product labelled as vegan is free of animal-derived ingredients. The advice is to always check for a Precautionary Allergen Label (PAL) on any vegan product to help you make your buying choice. It’s interesting information for vegans but absolutely essential for those allergic to milk, eggs and seafood …

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Veganism is all about living your life in a way which causes the least amount of harm to the animals we share this planet with. It’s mainly focused on farmed animals but extends to things like horse riding. So can vegans drink milk from their own cow if the animal is treated well and looked after properly? As always, it’s …

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