Big news: UK bans live exports … plus plant-based diets the most healthy and the avocado crop in trouble – covering w/e 19th May 2024

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This week has been momentous for the animal rights movement and there’s so many vegan stories to choose from, I had trouble narrowing it down!

The big story in the last 7 days is the UK’s move to ban live exports plus we also have a look at the plight of our avocados and it wouldn’t be a VS update without highlighting yet another study showing plant-based diets are the healthiest option 🙂

Plus the rest of the week’s vegan round up … enjoy!

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This Week’s Top Story

It’s been a long road for live exports campaigners and there’s no turning back

A momentous victory for animal rights this week, in no uncertain terms.

Over more than 50 years of relentless campaigning from people like CIWF (Compassion In World Farming), the UK has finally accepted the suffering of animals in the live exports trade is unacceptable.

The Animal Welfare (Livestock Exports) Bill passed its final Parliamentary stage on May 14th and will soon be cemented into UK law when it receives Royal Assent.

Black and white image of a protester sitting down with a placard reading "Animal Liberation"

Photo by Chuko Cribb on Unsplash_

Marking a truly historic moment for the UK animal rights movement, the bill demands an end to the cruel export of cattle. sheep, pigs, horses and goats for fattening and slaughter.

These ill-fated animals endure high-stress conditions before, during and after the export process. High temperatures, rough seas and overcrowding makes it next to impossible for some animals to rest with many unable to access food and water.

Not to mention the physical and psychological torment experienced. Lots of animals are injured during the journey enduring hours in cramped conditions which can cause respiratory issues and heatstroke.

Close up of a pig behind a metal grill.

Photo by Phil Hearing on_ Unsplash

This is a huge win for animal rights campaigners in the UK and across the world as we show strong leadership on the issue. Many other countries are following the same path too.

It just goes to show that people power can overcome all odds. There are some very powerful lobbies who’ve been pushing back against this for decades but we’ve beaten them down.

Compassion and empathy have won through and the rejection of animal ag companies putting profit above welfare is yet another step towards the ultimate goal of total liberation … the only logical end point.

But while nothing should take away from this historic victory, the fact remains that live exports would simply not exist if the demand for meat wasn’t there.

The only way to eliminate that demand?

Well … we must stop eating meat and consuming dairy products. Only then will these unscrupulous profit mongers be put out of business.

This is why I’m vegan. It’s a very small thing I can do to directly influence the direction of market forces.

… and y’know what? To be vegan is the very least we can do … for the sake of the animals!

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