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The vegan news sphere has been buzzing again this week. Plenty of stories to sift through …

Over the last 7 days we’ve learned of at least 2 new studies showing our ancestors were mostly plant-based (sorry carnivores). Plus, among other stories, the plight of the Great Barrier reef and the scientists who are growing animal protein in plants!

I hope you enjoy this week’s nuggets of vegan news …

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This Week’s Top Story

Plant Power: New Study Shows Meat Was Merely a Side Dish for Our Ancestors

Bad news for the cringe-worthy carnivore cult grifters this week as yet another in-depth study casts firm doubt on the assumption that our ancestors ate a diet consisting primarily of meat.

This is a core tenet of the philosophy (if you can call it that) behind the ‘human carnivore’ movement with people like, disgraced influencer ‘The Liver King’, building an entire business around so-called ancestral diets of mostly animal products.

The new study published in Nature this week examined the bones and teeth of our human ancestors who roamed the North African landmass that we now call Morocco.

The results are a kick in the (steroid-laden) six-pack of Mr Liver King and his ilk …

A bronze model depicting the evolution of man

The study concludes unequivocally that “a substantial plant-based component” was present in the diets of these early humans who were present in North Africa as long as 15,000 years ago.

It’s not like they ate no meat at all but the primary source of their nutrition was plant-based.

These results build on the evidence from other recent studies of our ‘gatherer-hunter’ ancestors which provide similar conclusions.

A study into the diets of early humans living in South America showed that 80% of the food they ate was from plant sources, contradicting the beliefs which drive modern fad diets like carnivore.

Beware the ‘ancestral living’ grifters for they shall fleece you of your hard-earned cash …

2 lions sitting on the plains of Africa. One is stood up on his front legs roaring.

All of this just lends more weight to the vegan and plant-based movement, solidifying the science around the fact that humans are well adapted to eat plants.

Scaremongering talk of anti-nutrients and deficiencies associated with plant-based is being exposed for the disingenuous nonsense that it really is.

Our ancestors evolved alongside the plant kingdom and this has been happening for millions of years.

Why would it suddenly be the case in the 21st century that plants are now poisonous or detrimental to human health? It just makes zero sense.

But then these weirdo carnivore grifters like Shawn Baker and his merry band of misguided muppets don’t really do common sense, do they?

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Around The Vegan Web This Week Ending 5th May 24

The Great Barrier Reef is in big trouble. If the oceans die, we die.

2024 is shaping up to be another year of extremes and our coral reefs are crying out, trying to send us a message. But for 90% of the coral outcrops around Heron Island, off the Queensland coast, it’s already too late. An excellent piece in The Guardian this week by Joe Hinchliffe follows marine biologist, Prof Terry Hughes, as a small party travels to this tiny island to inspect the coral reef … and it’s not a pretty sight. Hughes has seen his fair share of coral bleaching events but this is off the scale and his professional opinion? “It’s f***ing awful … it’s a graveyard out there!”

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South Korea embraces future of meat as Florida clings to the past

This week, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis bans the production and sale of cultured meat citing a global conspiracy of the ‘elites’ as part of the reason … lol. He must think South Korea is the devil incarnate as this forward looking country has just invested over $14 million in a deregulated zone aimed at encouraging research and scaled production of lab-grown meat as the human race approaches a population of 10 billion … all demanding a daily dose of protein. It seems old habits die hard … especially among god-fearing right-wingers of the Western world.

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Huge new study suggests we live longer on plant-based diets …

Over 350 thousand people were followed up for an average of 13 years looking at how genetic and lifestyle factors affected lifespan. Among others, a healthy, nutritious diet was one of the key factors. Not only in prolonging life but also mitigating genetic predispositions. It’s well established that whole-food plant-based (WFPB) diets are one of the healthiest options, if not the healthiest. Again this week VS finds itself reporting on how vegan and plant-based is better on so many fronts. Imagine how much we could reduce the burden on our health services …

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Who said going vegan is easy? 3 psychological barriers explained

What is it about cheese that gets inside your head? Well, it is actually mildly addictive as it contains morphine-like compounds. Maybe this is one reason many people feel like they could never go vegan. In a new study published in Frontiers in Psychology recently, this is one of three barriers identified which put people off from going vegan. Mark Travers Ph.D. writing in Psychology Today summarises the study quite nicely, highlighting the knowledge gap between veggies and vegans as well simply breaking ingrained habits. What is (was) it for you?

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Is she the woman who convinced Elon to go animal-free?

Well maybe not directly but Stephanie Downs certainly played a pivotal role in Tesla’s decision to use animal-free leather across the entirety of their range. In an excellent op ed piece from the Vegconomist this week, Stephanie goes all in on completely dismantling the notion that leather is simply a “natural byproduct” of the meat industry. She cites the fact that 20 separate processes are used with various toxic chemicals and relatively large amounts of energy expended to arrive at the finished leather product. Plant-based alternatives are, of course, much more sustainable …

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Clean off! Innovative new plant-based cleaning ingredients …

As reported in Investing.com this week, Itaconix have announced the launch of two new high-performance plant-based cleaning ingredients. Billed as representing “major advances in phosphate replacement”, these two products are servicing the ever increasing demand for eco-friendly cleaning products. The creatively named TSI 422 tackles the problem of hard water and is particularly effective for dishwashing detergents. Then for neutralising nasty niffs, ONZ 405 is a new powder version of their liquid odour-fighting agent. Check out the press release below.

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