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Hello Space Traveller,

I know, I know … we were moving on from Veganuary this week but what kind of vegan publication would we be without having a little look at the very encouraging stats (below).

With a record breaking Veganuary 2024 just moving out of sight in the rear view mirror, thousands of vegans will be breathing a sigh of relief!

Why? Well, many in the vegan community are not as enthusiastic about the January tradition as you might imagine they would be.

Some think it dilutes the core message of veganism while others are of the opinion that our movement should remain on the sidelines, never breaking into the mainstream.

As an example, one of the activists I follow on Twitter, ‘@S_Catsgotmyback‘, when she promoted Veganuary, was blocked by a ‘hardcore abolitionist’ vegan.

This person could not see the value in bringing veganism to the masses … like it was our own little private club or something.

Y’know … sometimes we just need to re-focus on the big picture and get over ourselves.

We love anything that positively promotes veganism here at Vegan Slate and this year the Veganuary team have delivered the GOAT !

Close up of two baby goats.

We’ve gathered some choice picks from the week’s vegan news. Take a look below.

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This Week’s Top Story

Plant-Based Activism In a Bajan Paradise

It’s nice to pick up vegan stories from around the world and it just proves to me more and more how the vegan and plant-based message is rapidly growing among the human race.

The Caribbean island of Barbados is big on the red meat and fish but here’s an outlier activist, Lalu Hanuman, who is bucking the trend and shouting his message from the rooftops.

Hanuman, who is secretary of the Caribbean Vegetarian-Vegan Charity, has been leading their ‘Meat Kills!’ campaign which seeks to highlight the negative effects of the global meat industry.

He told ‘Barbados Today’ that “a rampant epidemic of non-communicable diseases” are “not only affecting individuals’ health but also putting a strain on the healthcare system“.

Barbados and other Caribbean islands stand to lose more than many other geographical areas as the effects of climate change bring to bear over the coming years.

… and what is one of the biggest drivers of climate change? Yep, animal ag.

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Around The Vegan Web This Week Ending 4th Feb 24

‘I could never go vegan’ …

Coming in March 2024, James Pickering’s bold new documentary explores and debunks all the reasons why people claim they could never go vegan. Put this one in your vegan diary. The trailer is here:

Watch The Trailer

Vegans can’t tell the difference from real pepperoni …

The marketing geniuses at Papa Johns have turned a complaint into a campaign after a vegan customer thought they’d been sent real pepperoni pizza instead of the plant-based …

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US beef production at its highest level for 26 years …

Even though veganism seems to be really taking off this year, the 2023 US beef production stats paint a different picture. Nearly 30 BILLION lbs of commercial beef was produced in 2023, up nearly 6% on 2022 and the most ever since 2008 …

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Veganuary 2024 smashes last year’s numbers with 1.8m taking on the challenge …

In an off-world first for a vegan campaign, the Veganuary flag orbited the Earth 4,400 times aboard the ISS as all Earthly records were broken in the tenth year of this global phenomenon …

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New ‘vegan wonderland’ opens in Northern Chicago suburb …

Alice & Friends’ Vegan Kitchen opens a second eatery in Glenview after their success in Edgewater. From scrumptious Satay Skewers to the regal ‘Kingwich’ check it out if you’re in town.

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90% of US livestock are raised on massive factory farms …

Contrary to what some oddball carnivore types will proclaim, it’s a sad fact that most ‘food animals’ in the US live out their miserable short lives on a ‘CAFO’. But voters in Berkeley, CA will get the chance to ban these abominations …

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This week’s random find while trawling the last 7 days’ news is an interesting looking piece entitled …

The Case for Socialist Veganism

… from the Monthly Review, an independent socialist magazine. Available freely from Feb 12th.

It’s a topic often visited on my Twitter (X) algo and the majority seem to think any shift to plant based is good, even if it is the big multi-nationals jumping on the bandwagon.

But maybe that is not the case. I’m looking forward to having a read of this one!

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Is Milk Allowed In Jainism?

The roots of veganism can be traced back over 4000 years through the ancient religions of Hinduism and Jainism. Milk from the holy mother cow has been integral to these religions but times are changing. The question, “Is milk allowed in Jainism?” is one which many who follow this religion are now asking themselves … and rightly so. Is …

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