Why Do Vegans Have a Bad Reputation?

Watch out! It’s the tofu-eating, muesli-munching ‘wokerati’ and they’re coming to wreak havoc on your nice safe life! The sensationalist press appears to have done a real number on the general populace, especially when it comes to veganism. So why do vegans have a bad reputation? Let’s find out!

Why Do Vegans Have a Bad Reputation?

 Vegans have a bad reputation because the gutter press and social media ghouls twist the narrative to favour their own ends. The public are easily fired-up when vegan activists disrupt their lives. The same dangerous narratives are used against other social justice movements. 


Watch: The Vegan Neuropsychologist on why she thinks vegans have a bad rep.


It’s late 2022 in the UK. Brexit is falling apart at the seams, as it could only ever have done. A series of very unfortunate events have led us to this point in time.

Woman sitting on the street reading a newspaper which is on fire.This abject chaos the British people now find themselves in can probably be traced all the way back to 1969 when that cultural behemoth known as Rupert Murdoch bought The Sun newspaper.

What has this got to do with veganism, I hear you ask? Hear me out …

What started out as (not so subtle) subconscious suggestion has evolved into outright and blatant gas-lighting which we’re now all so used to being exposed to that nothing seems too outlandish.

… and much of the British population have lapped it all up like those head-nodding toy dogs on the back shelf of your car.

Apologies to those outside of the UK – this is going to be a little Brit-centric although the tactics are used worldwide to drive identical propaganda.


The Gutter Media Drives The Narrative

A gutter downpipe with water coming out of it.We see it all over social media. All over the right-wing press. They need to identify a common enemy which the racists, misogynists and selfish “I’m alright Jacks” can get behind.

Vegans are the ideal target of course. Compassion, empathy and a desire to do what’s right for others are not common personality traits among these reactionary bigots we live alongside.

A forbidden territory previously reserved for nazi-sympathising shock-jocks has made its way into the highest echelons of power.

As I write this, we lose another ‘talented’ tory politician who goes by the name of Suella Braverman. She lasted 43 days – the shortest serving British home secretary in modern political history!

Among her parting gifts to the country was a speech in which she referred to environmental protestors as the “tofu-eating wokerati” … yes, she got to her feet in the house of commons and actually used those words in all seriousness.

So there’s the common enemy … and plenty of half-witted, head-nodding, Brexit supporting meat-heads will agree with her.


A Bad Reputation Is Easy To Manufacture

A clipper lighter with the flame on, against a blue background. I feel a bit sorry for those taken in by this nonsense, to be honest. It’s not really their fault. Most people just want to get on with their lives. Working to put food on the table. Raising a family.

But the gas-lighting has been relentless and it has seeped into almost every aspect of our existence. ‘Woke’ vegans have been aware of it for quite a long time.

That’s because we’ve been at the sharp end of the propaganda, misinforming the general public about what veganism is. Injecting lies into popular discourse.

Social media then does an excellent job of amplifying the lies and before you know it, the anti-vegan, woke-bashing, (often racist) mutton-heads have found a little club they can feel right at home in.


Objectivity: a Valuable & Rare Commodity

Masked man reading a newspaper which is on fire. It’s difficult to separate the truth from the lies these days but if there’s one thing the internet is good at … it’s levelling the playing field.

Vegans know the truth behind factory farming and animal agriculture. Our eyes have been opened to the horrific barbarism endemic in the industry.

The powers that be in the mighty meat and dairy industries are spooked by the unstoppable rise of veganism. They will do almost anything to discredit our lifestyle.


Because it negatively affects their bottom line. A cow is a unit of profit on the accounting spreadsheet … nothing more.

Yes, a few vocal vegans annoy the hell out commentators like the erudite Piers Morgan or the learned Jeremy Clarkson. They profit handsomely from their vegan bashing.

They may not be fully aware of the damage they do to the reputation of vegans as they spout their juvenile drivel.

But even they have been moulded into regurgitating their particular brand of reactionary claptrap. The seeds of doubt were planted decades ago by ‘Big Ag’.


Most Vegans Don’t Deserve The Bad Rep

Man standing with a large megaphone in front of his face. There will always be a few individuals in any movement for change who rise above the general hubbub. People like Joey Carbstrong who are not afraid to step up and defend animal rights.

These guys and gals paint a target on their backs and the gutter press and social media vultures are soon circling, trying to convince others that vegans are just mentally disturbed.

But nothing could be further from the truth. Most vegans are just getting on with it, day by day. Not causing a fuss. Not shouting it from the rooftops.

The bad reputation attached to the vegan movement is simply not justified.


I hope this article has helped bring some common sense and rationality to the debate. If you’re anti-vegan I’d like to think you’ve come away with a more accepting viewpoint.

Please leave your comments below and share with your friends … it keeps me in kidney beans!

Thanks for reading and have a compassionate day!




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