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This Week’s Top Story

Big Business Embraces Veganuary 2024: Salesforce, DocuSign & PwC Among 100’s of Companies Promoting Plant-Based …

A “record number” of businesses signed up for the Veganuary workplace challenge this year but should HR departments be wary of the “sensitive and touchy issue” which is advice around our food choices.

This article from ‘People Management’ warns against companies “alienating people” by promoting campaigns like Veganuary without carefully thinking through their messaging.

Veganuary 2024 Draws To a Close & it’s BIG!

Veganuary: there's still time to sign up. It doesn't have to be January to try vegan!

Dear friend, with only 3 days left of this massive January vegan campaign we all wait for the stats with bated breath.

There’s no doubt Veganuary 2024 will break all the records this year, as it always does 🙂

We’ll be moving on to non-Veganuary related news next time but this year’s extravaganza has been nothing short of outstanding with plenty of tasty news-worthy vegan stories this month.

Check out January’s posts for all the news links we’ve curated this Veganuary 2024.

Here’s a quick selection of this week’s Veganuary links

  1. Aldi Launches New Range of vegan cheeses during Veganuary, expecting strong market growth.
  2. Veganuary In Wembley Park: 10 of the best vegan eats in this busy London district.
  3. Veganuary’s Impact Has Been Huge and this year doesn’t look like bucking the trend.
  4. Hard Rock Casino Northern Indiana considers keeping some Veganuary 2024 menu items.

You can find plenty of resources on the Veganuary website to get going with a little local activism!

Around The Vegan Web This Week Ending 28th Jan 24

Plant-based isn’t radical …

An excellent, well grounded article published this week from animal behaviourist, professor Marc Bekoff. Vegan for almost 20 years, Bekoff highlights the many positives of a vegan world.

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One in the eye for the ‘carnivores’

A new study out this week casts even more doubt over the carnivore cult’s claims that our human ancestors ate mostly meat. Turns out it’s more likely the opposite …

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Powerful meat lobby groups are clouding the issues with fake arguments against plant-based

Nature scientist Laura Kehoe says she’s at her “wit’s end” with the backwards thinking arguments consistently made by lobby groups like the Irish Cattle & Sheep Farmers Association …

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‘Market challenges’ force multi $billion Dutch meat producer to sell slaughterhouses …

Behemoth of the European meat market, Vion Food Group, makes a decisive shift away from its traditional business in huge move towards plant based food production …

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‘You Are What You Eat’ Netflix doco continues to turn heads …

Hitting the top ten streams across a number of countries, here’s 5 important takeaways from the popular Netflix documentary …

via Plant Based Treaty

A logical progression from vegetarian to vegan …

The Vegetarian Society of Ireland re-focuses to become The Vegan Society of Ireland after ‘interest had dwindled’ and ‘most members were already vegan’ anyway …

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The next big anti-vegan misinformation coming to a health website near you is a new study ‘showing’ that pregnant vegans have a higher rate of preeclampsia.

But when you actually read the study you’ll see that 98.7% of the participants were omnivores and vegans made up a tiny fraction of the group so results are highly likely to be skewed.

This won’t stop the anti-vegan digital command centre springing into action across all channels. Any little angle they can find will be distorted and amplified out of all proportion!

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Every Day, Humans Kill 205 Million Chickens Worldwide … we’ve created a living hell …

It’s a shockingly big number which is very difficult to believe so here’s some authoritative sources to back it up … According to ‘AnimalClock.Org’ in the US alone over 8 BILLION chickens are killed annually. ‘’ reports that worldwide over 202 MILLION chickens are killed every single day Rooster Haus Rescue states that 1 MILLION chickens are killed every hour …

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